Winter Tire Storage and Protection In Whitchurch - Stouffville, ON

It's that time of the year again in Canada where temperatures drop below freezing point and the snow hits the ground. Season change also means changing your summer tires over to winter tires. At Stouffville Hyundai Tire Source you will have access to multiple tire types, brands, and sizes. Use our online Tire Finder tool or contact our staff for more information on which tire is best for your vehicle.

Tire Storage

Don't have space at home to keep your current tires?

With our storage, your tires will be kept indoors and dry. When the season is over our experts can re-install and rotate your previous tires. Ask one of our service advisors for more details!


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Schedule a Service Appointment at Stouffville Hyundai!

If you already own 2 sets of tires and need your summer tires removed from the rim and your winter tire set installed, you can schedule a service appointment and one of our qualified technicians will be more than happy to assist you.

Stouffville Hyundai can now store your full set of tires for you! Once you have your winter tires installed there is no need to lug your summer tires around and free up space to store them. Now you can make room in your garage for the stuff you need on hand without bulky tires in your way.

For each season you need to switch out your tires, Stouffville Hyundai will have access to your tires on site. All you have to do is schedule your tire installation appointment and arrive! No stress, no worry, no trouble, no mess.

Contact Us today for more information on our convenient winter tire storage and protection program in Whitchurch - Stouffville, ON. While you're here, don't forget to check out our ongoing Parts Specials and our vast inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles for your next Hyundai.

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This rubber is designed to become more flexible in colder conditions. This means the rubber can expand and cover a larger footprint, which ultimately means more traction. All-season tires tense up and become more rigid, this creates less traction.


The tread on a winter tire has more bite to it. The pattern on the tire is specially designed to push away ice and snow. This means it can have better grip in slippery conditions.


Not only are winter tires great for improved handling in snow, but they also can help you save on insurance. Improved handling and braking will make you less of a hazard to others.

Though All-Season tires may be used in areas with light snowfall, here in Canada they are not ideal.

  • Matched perfectly with many of our cars, crossovers, and hatchbacks!
  • This tire is ideal for better cornering traction. 
  • Dealership favourite.

  • The tire is designed to remove all snow, water, and slush.
  • It features deep sipes in the tread pattern for improved braking and cornering.
  • Dealership favourite.

  • Features a proprietary multi-cell compound with Nano-Pro Tech to keep the tire pliable in cold conditions. 
  • Specialized hydrophilic coating provides extra stopping power in snow and ice.

Tire Brands at Stouffville Hyundai