Keep Moving Ahead with Non-Stop Protection

Struggling to see through your windshield during severe rain conditions is both frustrating and dangerous. And with the winter season almost upon us, rain and slush are inevitably just around the corner. Rain or shine, at Stouffville Hyundai, safety is our number one priority. That's why we're introducing Vision Plus, a revolutionary rain repellent glass treatment that's sure to improve your visibility during the rain!

The Invisible Windshield Wiper

Vision Plus gets applied to your windshield and can be reapplied as needed. Not only will this technology improve your visibility, but it'll also make dirt and debris removal easier, as well as reduce water streaks and glare. 

Unlike other repellents that simply coat the windshield, Vision Plus forms a chemical bond with the glass. Meaning longer lasting times, where one application can last months. 

  • Get a single application today for $29.99
  • Two applications for $49.99
  • Or two applications for the next 3 years for $130.00
  • Our prices won't be beaten. Guaranteed.
Stouffville Hyundai Tech Applying Product - Stouffville Hyundai

Safety Done Right!

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes if done by a Hyundai professional, here's what you can expect during your Hyundai Vision Plus appointment:

  1. Our Hyundai Trained service technician will thoroughly clean and dry your windshield. 
  2. The revolutionary Vision Plus liquid will be applied over the glass to ensure that it's well coated. 
  3. The windshield will be wiped with a Vision Plus applicator to seal the liquid into the glass. 

It's that easy! Keep yourself and your family safe this winter, by scheduling a Vision Plus appointment today.