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Every day we get behind the wheel of our vehicles taking for granted the mechanism that is our engine that takes us from point A to point B. We ignore warning signs of early car troubles or just don't hear the little sounds because we are distracted by our children or just enjoying our music.

At Stouffville Hyundai, we take your safety seriously and one of the most important factors to consider in any vehicle is the brake system. We want you to be able to stop at a dime without delay.

We offer Brake repairs and Inspection of brake pads and rotors

If your brakes are making a squealing sound, that may be a sign that you need brake service as soon as possible. Consult our certified technicians in our Hyundai Service Department for a brake inspection if you notice this sound or any other irregularities in your vehicles braking performance.

You can always stay one step ahead and schedule routine maintenance on your brakes. Use the easy Service Appointment form to get a list of recommended maintenance based on the year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle and book a service appointment that suits your schedule.

Our technicians will fully inspect your brake system to ensure they meet the required safety standards and if they fall below the standard, we will replace the components from our in-house Hyundai Parts Department to help keep costs at a minimum. You can also check out our Service Specials for even more ways to save!

We are happy to service all New and Pre-Owned vehicles bought from Stouffville Hyundai or elsewhere. You can expect nothing less than excellent care of you and your vehicle, top - tier customer service, and peace of mind that your brakes will operate at top performance when you need them most.

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