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Frequently asked questions about A/C Vent Mist Service

What is A/C Vent Mist Service?

The A/C vent mist service in Whitchurch-Stouffville involves cleaning up your vehicle's AC vent and doing away with substances that may irritate and cause allergies. If there is a cabin filtering the air in your car, it's removed. A special machine is put on the passenger's floor. The air conditioning system is set to recirculate, and it pulls air from the passenger's floor.

Upon switching on the machine, it generates disinfectant blended with a pleasant odour. This runs for a period, after which new sets of cabin filters are installed. We will assist you in doing the service if you experience serious allergies or unpleasant odour in the dashboard.

Cost of Servicing Air Conditioner System

Our expert, Hyundai Service Centre in Whitchurch-Stouffville, regular air conditioner maintenance service, costs about $75 for simpler tune-ups. For extended servicing contracts, the fee includes the whole HVAC unit plus the service. For repairs excluding standard servicing, the cost of servicing includes the time for a technician to diagnose and service.

Frequency of Servicing Air Conditioner System

It is advisable to service your air conditioner at least once yearly. Spring season is the best time to undertake this servicing. However, to ensure continuous efficient operation of your AC system, regular housekeeping is very crucial.

What Are The Causes of Mist in the Car Vents

Mist occurs when cold air comes into contact with warmer air. It's common in the summer season when it's humid and warm. It's due to the water vapour condensing when temperatures in the AC unit are below the dew point. It could be odourless, but there could also be some with the irritating smell because of mould.

This condition is worsened if you have very dirt filters and if the speed of the fan is slow. Dirty filters raise the humidity level in the AC system. Higher moisture in the system means more mist will be observed. To avoid this, maintain the regular cleaning schedule for the air filters. Fun revolving at high speed enables your system to dry by itself. For reliable service equivalent to A/C vent mist service in Whitchurch-Stouffville, consider calling specialized HVAC staff.

What is Included in Air Conditioning Maintenance?

If you have a professional HVAC staff, they should inspect the cooling and heating system. Additionally, they should perform cleaning and complete inspection, including checking the thermostat. This should be calibrated, properly installed, and positioned away from the heat sources. The technician should check the electrical connections. Tightening these connections improves the operation of the cooling and heating system as well as preventing hazards.

The technician should lubricate the system's moving parts to prevent the system from breaking down and saving you from recurring service costs, which may be expensive. The technician should as well check the system controls and clean the filters. The 60 to 90 minutes professional and tun-up cleaning carried out by technicians from the Hyundai service centre in Whitchurch-Stouffville comprises 20 activities, including refrigerant, bearing, thermostat, and more. Hence, the need to schedule a service online today.


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