Japanese Vs Korean Manufactured Vehicles?

The Origin of Hyundai - Stouffville Hyundai

The Origin of Hyundai

Contrary to popular belief Hyundai vehicles are not a Japanese manufactured car. The Hyundai Motor Company is, in fact, a Korean manufactured vehicle that is making gigantic gains and receiving growing international popularity in the automotive industry.

Japanese Vs Korean Manufactured Vehicles?

As in any industry, manufacturers within the automotive industry are trying to give the consumers the best product. Whether it is a fuel-efficient vehicle or top of the line tech, one will always try to outdo the other. When comparing Japanese and Korean manufactured vehicles the similarities far outweigh the differences. However, Korean manufactured cars, like the Hyundai, are known to pack more convenience and luxury features into their base models than Japanese made cars.

What does that mean to you?

When buying a New Hyundai you can potentially save more money with features already installed in the car you want rather than having to pay for added features.

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